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This post has been a long time coming – I’ve just kept getting distracted even though it’s such a cool thing to share.

Mr H and I decided that for every person we told of our pregnancy before the 13 week reveal, we wanted to film it to get everyone’s reactions. It was immensely tricky at times, people get very suspicious when a camera is involved and having family that is scattered all over the world is also nearly impossible as we had to rely on others to do the secret filming and FaceTime to not bugger up.

But we somehow managed to get 7 videos, though the lighting and sound is a bit tricky so I’ve only posted the below 4.

I always foresaw this elaborate method of telling Mr H but because it was such a surprise (we had taken a break from trying and were really stressed out) I couldn’t fathom not telling him there and then.

Most of the videos are done candidly so you can’t always see us holding up the baby grow to show the family, but you do get the facial expressions.

  • Video One – “No ways” After two pregnancy tests that day, I took a box with the cutest little baby grow in it and one of the tests straight to Mr H. The shock was felt by both of us…and then, and the video doesn’t show it, he jumped up and swung me around the room.


  • Video Two – “You lie!” The sound is a little crazy because we had to get Mr H’s mum on a tea break at the office. Tears all round when we held up the baby grow to the webcam.


  • Video Three – “Arghhhh” – This is quite a short video as my brother could only get the bit when my parents actually found out. My mum has been hinting at babies for the past two years.


  • Video Four – “ARE YOU SERIOUS!” – Auntie Ethel is going to be so cross that we didn’t beep-out the swearing.


  • Video Five – When we found out it was a SHE


The love and support from our friends and close family has been amazing and I can’t wait to document more moments.

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