May the fourth be with you

I’m 4 months pregnant! That’s 4 months of growing a human, carrying around this precious little miracle and saying no to all sorts of food, beverages, activities and medication.

It’s kind of crazy, sometimes I have to squeeze a boob to check if it’s all real (pregnancy boobs are sore boobs).

So this blog post is a list of some pregnancy “quirks” that I’m experiencing – you might be experiencing them – it’s something to look forward to if you’re planning for the future.

  1. Time is weird. On the one hand I’m a little shocked that these 4 months have flown by but on the other, I want to meet baby so it’s also slow. It’s an unusual combination of hurrying and waiting and it makes it all seem a bit surreal.
  2. Your partner is your best friend. This seems like a given because hopefully your partner already is top dog but it’s emphasized so much more when a baby is involved. Despite some little hiccups, Mr H is proving to be absolutely imperative in my overall happiness and his patience and love is beyond what I could have ever anticipated.
    This is actually the one time in your relationship where you should be a little selfish – don’t go overboard and turn into Mumzilla though.
  3. You will want to eat everything that you can’t. I hate sushi but I want some of it right now because the fact that I am not allowed is driving me insane. I can’t wait to tuck into:
    Ham and cheese toasties
    Tuna crunch
    Slightly runny eggs – I don’t even like runny eggs but the mission of making sure they are always cooked through is wearing thin.
    Mojitos and gin and tonics. So much of the cocktails.
    Bie and cranberry toasted baguettes.
    Mulled wine.
    I might even have myself an after-pregnancy party so I can consumer all of the above.
  4. You’ll feel fat. Unless you’re one of those amazing women who doesn’t pick up a pound, if, like me, you easily gain weight then my darlings it’s going to happen and it’s going to happen BIG. The trick is to a) not eat for two it’s not necessary though it certainly makes eating an entire tub of ice cream valid, b) remember that you should be picking up some weight for a healthy baby, c) make sure you keep exercising in some manner – it will make you feel better and they say that the labour will be better. I can’t answer that until April.
    In a world where image is everything, I struggle with the fact that my body is going change, is changing, on its own accord but I just have to keep in mind that my baby is the number one priority….and I’m so getting one of those belly bands for afterwards.
  5. You might be very sore. Sciatica is no joke. I feel like an 80 year old at the moment with daily shooting pains in my lower back, running down my thigh. No one tells you about that people. No one.
  6. Un-pregnant people will not always understand you. Even those who have had kids before can sometimes seem unfeeling whilst those who haven’t had kids might start viewing you as the invalid. I am very bemused by mothers who tell me that I’m being silly by not eating certain foods or not having that occasional drink – perhaps they are looking for justification for what they allowed in their pregnancy but I just smile and nod. It’s my body, I know what I need and don’t.
    Don’t ever feel ashamed of being pregnant and if ever a man wants to make some “barefoot in the kitchen/you’ll have to stop working” joke, make sure he can’t ever get anyone pregnant.
  7. Instead of focusing on a specific gender, you’ll just want a healthy baby.
  8. This is your personal journey and no one’s will ever be the same as yours. Don’t compare yourself, you’re too awesome for that.

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