A family photo shoot with Grand Little Adventure

A few weeks ago, we were blessed with a family photo shoot which was everything real and authentic….it started like this:

“Rosie, we have someone very special coming to take photos of us today, are you going to show us your best smile?”

*Cue intense crying over smarties, lots of snot and more screaming because someone touched her building blocks.*

The inner perfectionist in me was having a minor meltdown but, as Tabitha from Grand Little Adventure calmly stated, this is REAL life! And those real moments of toddler tantrums actually gave us such incredible photos….finally followed by lovely smiling ones too.

I had been dying to have a family shoot and had asked if anyone wanted to collaborate with me – a shoot for a shoot – Tabs took the challenge and the cake.

Tabitha, so calm and bright-eyed in her waif-like beauty was completely un-phased even in the face of banshee-like screeching. She darted around, unobtrusively, capturing precious little moments that would usually completely escape my notice. In short, she was fantastic, but I’ll let the photos speak for her.

As someone who takes photos, I’m a) hardly ever in front of the camera with my family and b) incredibly pedantic about pictures – a shoot with Tabs annihilated any reservations I had and reduced me to an emotional wreck when I saw the sneak peeks…and again when I saw the finished photos.

It was so US.

It was my family, my moments of beautiful chaos; the brightest spark of my eldest daughter, and the gentle shimmer of my youngest. It was my handsome best friend, and his tender brown eyes. It was a hug here and lots of kisses there. It was my forever and always.

Thank you Tabs for using your gift to capture such amazing photos of myself with my loved ones – these are family photos I will cherish.

Please give Little Grand Adventure HUGE love and check out her pages – she might be just the perfect match for your family moments.

If you’re getting married, you NEED to have a glance through her wedding photography, it is simply magical

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