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Why we love Tommee Tippee

It’s always difficult writing a post like this because you’re trying to be sincere without sounding like a stuck record.

How many times have you read a blog that was so filled with simpering adjectives and shallow praise that you needed a strong G&T to wash the sycophant away?

However, as a parenting blogger, I get asked my opinion on essentials for babies and toddlers, as well as pregnancy must-haves and finding the right way to do it, without sounding like a parrot is where we often go wrong. If I get it wrong, it’s only because I’m trying to express our love for a brand that I’ve used since Rosie was a baby.

There are brands that you try that stick with you forever. They are faithful stalwarts that make elements of life easier and they are the ones that you’ll suggest to friends when asked. Tommee Tippee is that brand. Being a well-known brand in the UK, I was very aware of them, and the bottle set and breast pump had been on my list of items to get as we prepared for our first baby’s arrival. My mum gifted me with a set of bottles and sterilizer at Rosie’s babyshower and they are still going strong!

Brilliant bottles

I’ve probably told you that Rosie refused to take a bottle until we moved away from breastfeeding and she realized she had to give the boob up. My poor Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles stood for a long time in the cupboards, unused and unloved. Now they are the saviors of our bedtime. The heroes of nap time. And the all-round good guy of my toddler-product arsenal. I love their new look too for the girls in my life:

In my post “10 things we’ll be doing differently with baby no 2” I spoke about how I want to make sure Bumpette gets used to being bottle-fed because I need to get to photoshoots and Mr H will need to look after her. I used to panic that Rosie wouldn’t eat when I was working because she was so against the bottle. Even with the Closer to Nature range which has wider teats for easy latching, she was ALL about the boob. With specially designed teats for all ages, here’s hoping baby number 2 takes to them with ease.

Currently, these bottles go everywhere with me…even to the UK. Also, I need to add that they are bloody well priced against their competitors. Baby items are expensive, I can’t sugar-coat that, but Tommee Tippee stands above their competition with decent pricing for a product you know will last – especially when your little one likes to put her teeth into their bottles which Rosie loves doing (see our Instagram post below)

Dashing Dummies

With Bumpette, I want to try and get her onto a dummy which I know will horrify some of you. It’s more for assistance with getting her to put herself to sleep in her cot, which Rosie never did. Rosie only goes to bed now with a bottle, or two of milk. It’s not something I’m going to strictly enforce, and if Bumpette doesn’t take to a dummy that’s fine, at least I had these cute options to try out – and the Easy Reach Teether will definitely come in handy!

Fun at feeding time

We’ve also been using the Tommee Tippee bowls, useful because they have an lip so Rosie can carry it herself with ease…coz we all know how darn independent toddlers are!

Lifelong companions

The major advantage of the whole range is the durability and affordability. Having a kid is costly yet we all want the very best for them. I’ve always been happy with the TP prices and like I mentioned earlier, the products last under serious toddler and baby duress!

I’m looking forward to continuing my Tommee Tippee journey with bumpette because I know I’ve got a very parent-orientated brand behind me.

Want to know more about the range? Check out their website here – you’ll find their products mostly everywhere (Clicks, BabyCity, Supermarkets etc).

Anyone else got any experience with Tommee Tippee that they’d love to share?

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