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Rosie loves: Minimi Atelier

Does anyone else have a problem with holding onto their cash/credit cards and not spending every penny on lovely children’s wear? How far has kid’s apparel come in the last few years?!

The trouble with buying a lot of on-trend clothing though, is that it doesn’t last. I’m not talking about the wear and tear of the garment (although that often can be the problem) I’m talking about the longevity of the design. At the moment, there are unicorns everywhere. I have no problem with this, they look cute. But in a few years time when the next trend comes along, we shall forgo those clothes for something new.

Look at the clothing that you used to wear as a child – not the hideous nylon examples – but the hand-knitted cardigans and durable dungarees. Those are pieces that you can still wear today. They are keepers. Which is why Minimi Atelier is such a wonderful brand to love.

Marina Tapia is the Mom Boss behind Minimi Atelier and her Spanish heritage (she is from Spain herself) is fully evident in the pieces that she sells. Her passion is offering clothing that is timeless yet modern; they are a fusion of elegance and wear-ability, something that you will put away for the next kid…or even for grand kids.

With Rosie taking more and more steps, we’re moving into the stage of wearing dresses (because who can crawl in a dress?) There’s such a lot of pink around and though she is such a pretty thing, I want clothing that has more of a classic-feel to it – that reminds me of the clothing that I used to wear as a child, the clothing that won’t age…and has a touch of Royalty about it.

Which is why I’m so thrilled to see Rosie in these two dresses from the winter collection – look how adorable Rosie is in this fetching Equestrian print?!

The Jerez Dress (in navy and cream)

Jerez is a Spanish city known mainly for horses, flamenco and sherry – the former being portrayed perfectly in these two stunning dresses.
The navy dress, with its buttons at the back, comes with bloomers (I love that word) and teamed with tights, shoes and a beret, is the ultimate in chic style. Be still my heart, Rosie looks like she’s ready to stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and wave to her loyal fans.

The Cream dress is slightly longer so doesn’t need the bloomers, and its over-sized Peter Pan collar and bishop sleeves are beautifully fanciful.
Warm for winter, pairing this with tights also (and Rosie’s new curls, which are so adorable) I feel inspired to go and visit the Queen for scones and tea.


Want to get your hands on your own timeless piece, visit the website and check out this season’s  range.

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    Just stunning, I love the fabric!

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