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Making traveling fun with Trunki

When you’re traveling with kids, it can sometimes feel like you need a holiday after the holiday. That’s why we love including Rosie in the holiday vibe with her own travel essential, her Trunki.

I’ve been on the receiving end of many a toddler melt-down. They seem to have an innate ability to know when something around them is about to change and it can completely shift their emotions. Going on holiday is something different, and packing for it was sure to nudge some alarm bells in Rosie.  Which is why I’m so grateful for her Trunki and how it made her feel involved in our plans…whilst also making her feel like a big girl.

We’re all going on a family holiday

Can you beat waking up to sound of cows lulling or the smell of the sea or the freshness of salty air as it whips around your face? Two weeks ago we took a break to Stanford and Cape Agulhas and it was just perfect. Find out where we stayed and what we did in this post.

Obviously, the days of throwing some clothing and toiletries in a bag and dashing off on holiday are long gone now that we have a kid. Everything needs to be a lot more methodical and packing can feel like such a mission when you realize you need extra clothes FOR the extra clothes that you’ve packed.

To make our travels more fun, Trunki SA sent Rosie her very own Una the Unicorn Trunki earlier in the year and it’s been our steadfast travel companion for Rosie ever since. With glittery stickers, a sparkly horn and silky tail, it’s the most epic Trunki ever PLUS, it has wheels and can be ridden….like a unicorn! I know, it’s genius.

To get us all excited for the holiday, and to help Rosie feel 100% included, I allowed Rosie to pack her Trunki, which was hilarious.

In went a single sock, a book, underpants, wipes, a lid from the Tupperware cupboard and some dirty clothes that happened to be lying on the floor. I did congratulate her…but later repacked it to hold items she would actually use.

What did we pack?

    • 3 x books
    • 3 x blankets
    • hair accessories
    • coloring books
    • Wipes
    • Shoes
    • A coat

Then we closed it together and she happily sat on top of her noble steed feeling very proud of herself.

When we got to our first stop, Stanford, we let Rosie unpack it and then she took her Trunki out onto the patio and rode it around happily before taking a brush to its tail…because grooming is very important for Unicorns. It gave us time to unpack our own bags and settle down.

Why we love our Trunki

Aside from the fact it looks like a unicorn?!

The wheels mean Rosie can pull it all by herself and the harness means I can carry it when she’s had enough. I’ve tested it on an airplane too and it can be easily stowed in the overhead compartments or, because it’s streamlined enough, put at your feet.

It has a dual function of being an actual rideable unicorn when Rosie sits on it an I pull her. Now that’s magic.

Its serious features include:

  • 8 LITRES CAPACITY: Lots of space to pack toys and games.
  • SECURE LOCKABLE CATCHES: Keep favourite possessions safe inside for the ride.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: The same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases.
  • COMFY SADDLE: Rest tired legs in queues and you’ll never hear my feet hurt‚ again!
  • HORN GRIPS FOR STABILITY: Grab the horns to steer your Trunki.
  • TOW STRAP WITH KEY: To make sure your contents are secure and never get lost.
  • CARRY HANDLE: Easy to grab for a departure gate dash.
  • SOFT RUBBER TRIM: To protect little fingers while packing.
  • INTERNAL POCKET: Keep treasures inside for easy access.
  • TEDDY BEAR SEATBELTS: Keep teddy safe with his very own seatbelt

If you want to see all the other cool Trunki’s available in SA, head here – but be warned, they are too cute!

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