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Rosie Loves: Rue De Lapinou

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t love choosing outfits for Rosie. I have tried to contain myself but have you seen the clothing available for kiddies?
Now with winter here (was anyone else totally underprepared for the cold?) I’m opting for pretty layers and separates.

But here’s the thing, I want her to look fierce, but I really want her to be comfortable, and as much as I love a bit of frou frou, what mum has time to be tying endless pieces of lace up? Not me. Sometimes I can barely get her nappy on. Seriously, what is that with kids and not wanting their bums changed? Who knows. Aaaaanyway, I want clothing that will last, that feels lovely to the touch and therefore will feel lovely on Rosie’s skin.

When Rue De Lapinou sent Rosie a clothing package I squealed. Their clothing is just so timeless yet modern, with little nods to classic English styles. It’s clothing that won’t date and they describe it best in their tagline:


For Rosie, they had picked their trending denim dress and long sleeved cotton-candy pink vest with white collar. The dress is made of the softest of denims and with it being so lightweight, Rosie can move in it effortlessly which has always been my worry with denim items.
Putting her in the outfit, I suddenly had a completely different child in front of me…she looks so grown-up and utterly adorable. Clasping her hands in her lap and looking up at me with her big blue eyes, I became a puddle on the floor.

Keeping her warm and looking like sweet strawberry yogurt, their long sleeve vest has the cutest classic-style white collar.

I paired her outfit with a cotton-stretch headband and slip-on pink sneakers but as the weather keeps getting colder, I’m going to add tights and a light-weight parker.

Browsing through the Rue de Lapinou website, I’m in love with their basics AND the fact that you can even personalize a range of their onesies and vests. See anything that tickles your fancy?

Delivery is just R80 nationwide which, if you think about the traffic (which is kak in Cape Town right now) you’d get stuck in driving to the shops and the temper tantrums that can result from said journey (and that’s just from me), that’s a bargain for receiving pretty things in the post.

The dress retails for R335 and the vest retails for R180

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