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LeapFrog Educational toys…with a whole lot of fun

It’s day 81 of lockdown…or is it actually day 2993 because sometimes it sure feels like it?!

Even before lockdown, we took the kids out of their creche and so we’ve had them home since the 16th March. It’s been an incredible blessing but it’s also been a struggle in terms of trying to keep up a routine, and trying to maintain some semblance of learning.

A few days before lockdown began, Prima Toys sent us a bundle of LeapFrog educational toys for the girls which could not have arrived at a better time – offering a touch of teaching freedom when I didn’t quite know what to do.

When it comes to electronic toys, it’s important that they encourage skill-building and offer a range of developmental skills, such as physical (gross and fine motor skills), educational (reading, writing, math, even science), social (sharing) and emotional (imaginary role play). The four pieces LeapFrog sent us definitely targeted one of these, or many of these, areas and I enjoyed watching how the girls interacted with each toy.

Rosie is very into imaginary play and word learning and Cece is starting to speak, showing great interest in copying what her big sister does – having individual toys for them to play with, toys that work on different levels for different ages has meant that they were able to play alongside each other.

Leapfrog educational toys

Here’s what we got in our toy bundle…

LeapFrog Chat & Count Smart Phone – RSP R480.00

Rosie loved this, not only did it inspire imaginary play, but with multiple activities (with Scout the dog), it kept her engaged for a period of time long enough to go take a trip to the loo in peace.

Features include:

  • A music button that plays songs about counting, phone manners and more
  • 10 number buttons activate Scout to appear on the screen and count to that number

You can find it here:

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book – RSP R510.00

Am I allowed to have a favorite? With its French learning option I got all teary-eyed listening to Rosie attempting another language (is that cool to admit?) and it is neat, compact yet super detailed in the information that kids can learn from it. Definitely worth the price.

What to expect from the 100 Words Book:

  • Kids can explore the colourful pages and touch each picture to listen to animals speak words, phrases, and sound effects.
  • You can switch the language to English or French with its bilingual feature
  • With three play modes, you can choose between different modes of learning.
  • There are two song options, one in English and one in French

You can find it here:

Leap frog dino bookLeapFrog Dino’s Delightful Day – RSP R600.00

This was definitely tailored to Cece’s abilities and with its lights, easy-turn pages and roller, it offered numerous interactive options for her. It also gave Rosie an extra kick to learn the Alphabet which we’re focusing on currently.

What to expect from Dino:

  • You can read and hear about Dino’s day while learning the alphabet
  • Letters and words are woven into the story in alphabetical order with phonetic sounds
  • There are 16 interactive pages to hear the story read aloud with light effects too
  • Enjoy musical play with fun sounds and musical notes

You can find it here:

Leap Frog BellaLeapFrog Storytime Bella – RSP R1250.00

This interactive plush toy has five story options to tell which focus on emotions, shapes, numbers, colours and the learning of opposites.

According to Carolyn James, PhD, LeapFrog Literacy Expert, “From reading aloud to reading along, Storytime Bella™ reflects best practices in early reading instruction with prompts designed to foster key reading comprehension strategies and introduce story elements like characters and settings.”

Features include:

  • Collar and paw button introduce early reading skills.
  • Fall asleep to soft lights and lullabies.

You can find it here:

Electronic toys can be both educational and fun for both kids and parents…giving the latter a bit of a breather. Obviously, some toys had a higher success rate than others and that’s down to their individual needs. For constant usability, the 100 Words Book is a sure keeper!

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Leap Frog Dino's Delightful Day Book

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