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Rosie loves: My Tiny Teepee

There once was a little girl who loved to explore her world. She enjoyed picking flowers, reading books, and spending moments lost in activity. Then, one day, she was gifted a very special present which gave her so much joy, she almost couldn’t be taken away from it…until her mummy bribed her with cheerios.

My Tiny Teepee offer beautiful, custom-made teepees that, as you can see, have captured Rosie’s attention. Run by Olivia Fox and her mum, it’s a passion project that has blossomed into an epicenter of creative, inspired fun for children.

I “met” Olivia via social media and we’ve had a very honest, down-to-earth online relationship. She wears her heart on her sleeve and encourages you to do the same. Her zeal for living a creative life is so catchy, she exudes this loving realness which translates across her brand. If you’re not following MTT on instagram, then you’re really missing out on a bunch of heart-warming shares and posts.

But lets get back to the teepees…Olivia contacted me to ask what colour Rosie’s room was and upon showing her a few pics, she sent me this gorgeous white one with duck-egg trim, perfect for my girl’s bedroom…but it didn’t stay there for long. It’s moved from bedroom, to lounge, to garden and I even took it with us to the forest for a photo shoot with friends.

It’s so easy to fold together and put up, and with the endless colour options, it can be made for any space.
Just look how happy Rosie is in hers…

I was not allowed in the teepee and not even my best sad face worked.

Whether you keep it in your little one’s room, use it for story time, for playing hide and seek, as a photo prop, or as the perfect sun-shade in the garden, it breathes magic into its surroundings and is the canvas for so many imaginative games. 

Thinking about birthday and Christmas present options?
Start the exciting process of ordering your teepee via their online shop (prices start from R910) and choose your colour(s). Decide if you want a trim. Want pole flags? Add them. Think your princess needs English lace? Go for it. Don’t forget to share your precious teepee moments online too!

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