Mother Musings: Smell

Motherhood really does bring out the animal in you.
The protective instinct that begins during pregnancy, becomes a full-blown killer urge whenever I foresee a potential danger to my baby. Dangers such as unsanitized hands or a pair of lips that are getting dangerously close to my daughters. Often, it’s nothing physical, and these “dangers” can seem so small and insignificant but to a mother and her child, it can be quite personal.

Take for instance, the issue of smell.
My little one smells like promise and hazy mornings. I love nothing more than nuzzling into her neck, whenever she allows me, and breathing deeply. She’s my cub and I know her scent because I’m mama bear.

So, a growl has risen from within me whenever I’ve received my baby back and I can’t smell her anymore but rather an overwhelming cacophony of musk, cedarwood, vanilla and flowers.
I do not like hugging my Rosie and feeling like I’m actually hugging three other people at the same time and it’s actually really disconcerting being affronted with scents that aren’t your child’s when you have them in your arms.
I can imagine that it’s so much worse for new mums.

My suggestion to New Mothers, kindly ask that those coming to visit you during those first precious weeks to refrain from wearing strong perfume.

What’s the definition of strong? If you walk out of a room and 6 hours later, the smell still lingers like you never left, that’s too strong.

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