Meeting Lily-Rose

Hello baby!

Okay, so LR is 5 months already and isn’t considered new anymore, so why the introduction? Because, we’ve entered into a new period of her life whereby she’s grown a personality and is changing so fast! In a month, she’s become a different person and my love for her has grown even deeper.

I wouldn’t call myself an easy lover. I don’t fall head over heels in an instant. For me, love takes time and I’m honest in saying that whilst I did love LR, I wasn’t in love with her. Okay, don’t throw your knives at me yet, I’m just built that way; my mind was fixated on staying healthy for 9+months to cater for a growing baby, and then, after birth, everything “normal” fell further away as I worked my donkey off to keep this treasure safe and alive – for me, it was difficult to truly appreciate her because my main priority was giving her food and warmth and I was acutely aware that, without our parents around, it was Mr H and I on our own. And I think we’ve done a pretty amazing job – I don’t even care if I’m blowing my own trumpet.

So let’s fast forward to today…

She’s totally taken over every inch of my being. She’s become her own glorious little person and I miss her when she goes to sleep because I just want to hold her some more.

At 5 months,
She recognizes her own name.
She giggles when tickled.
She loves seeing herself in the mirror.
She’s intrigued by her surroundings.
She sits up unaided.
She eats solid foods.
She knows who you are.

…and my goodness, her smile is like pure sunshine.


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