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Mother Musings: Exercise

The last two weeks have been sleep-deprived and I’ve been slowly losing the will to do anything save curl up in a ball somewhere cool. Exercise has been the last thing on my mind. This morning however, I caught a glance at my little paunch and my tired, red eyes and my stiff limbs and knew that I had to do something.

It’s madness I know. Why exercise when you’re exhausted?
Because I need a clear mind that’s not focused on my lack of sleep.
I need to get the joints moving again and stop walking around like a melting Zombie.
I need to perk myself up with something other than coffee.

So I’ve just finished this workout by Body Project and okay, I seriously struggled with it because I haven’t moved that much in two weeks and my left leg feels a little like jelly, but I do feel a bit more alive.

It’s not always possible to workout, I know that. But not all workouts involve equipment, wide open spaces or even 30 minutes of your time. Lesley Sansone does a series of walking exercises, which I did when I was pregnant, that only require you walking on the spot (and the occasional knee lift and kick).
For me, I need exercise that fits in with my day, and being adverse to the gym as though it were garlic and I was Dracula, I want something I can do at home where NO ONE can see me sweating my lungs out and silently crying into a squatted pulse.

So as I put my mirror away – I like to work out in front of a mirror because I am a) a narcissist and b) I like to pretend I’m the fitness instructor¬† -and peel off my delightfully drenched workout clothes, I feel suitably ready to face teething, smelly nappies and the possibility of spending 30+ minutes rocking my daughter to sleep. Yay.

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