The leggings your body deserves

There are some fashion/beauty items that I will always spend money on:
– Trainers
– Hair products
– Suncream
– Lipstick

and now, leggings.

I’m so fed up with buying a pair of leggings that then become see-through after four washes. As someone who is constantly picking up a toddler, or doing photo shoots that require lots of movement, I want to be comfortable, demure, and not flashing my “oh behave” at anyone.

I took to Twitter to voice my irritation, and to find out where I could find the best leggings and Melissa de la Croix from Pretty Messy Melon was adamant that Inner Secrets was the ONLY way to go…which is weird, because I assumed they only did lingerie. Bemused, I honestly thought she was thinking of tights, until Inner Secrets got in touch with me to lay down the gauntlet and dare me to meet my match. I obliged and arranged a visit to their V & A Waterfront store to try on a pair of the Spanx Essential Very Black Leggings.

Upon arrival I was directed to their huge range of leggings, and when the assistant pulled out a size small I gulped – I have rather stocky thighs, the quintessential pear shape, and I could physically feel them twitching (laughing actually) at this tiny pair of leggings that I was supposed to pull over my lower body. Sucking it all in I headed to the changing room, pulled them on…and had a total “hot damn” moment.

Solid black, and not a peak of skin showing, these bad boys held everything together, squeezing the slightly larger bits in a gentle, unrestrictive manner. I did a quick bend over test and couldn’t see anything. Magic!

Yeah but Shante, how do they look?

How’s that for holding everything in?! They make me feel super slim – the waistband smooths love handles and gives you just enough containment without making you feel like you’re being crushed to death. Plainly speaking, you can still eat an entire bowl of creamy pasta and not feel like you’re going to burst – perfect for the excessive eating I plan to do over the festive period.

Designed with flattering seams that elongate the legs and a durable jersey fabric that allows for maximum versatility in wear, the Essential Legging effortlessly conforms to every body type providing structure and control in all the right places.

The brushed jersey fabric is super comfortable, breathable and not unbearable in heat.

The money shot.

They really do pull in all the right bits and I feel like my legs look longer and much more athletic.

Let’s look at the figures…no, not mine again

These leggings retail for R2,120. Okay, you can pick your jaw up from the floor.

The leggings I have been buying for the past 2-3 years, have cost roughly between R180-250 each, and I have to buy new ones every 2-3 months. Taking the highest price, I’ve spent R3000 in 3 years on leggings that now look like rag cloths when I could have spent less than that on a pair that promises durability and a tight tush.

What do you guys think? Are you forever looking for the perfect legging? Would you like your bum and legs to be caressed by these ones?

Keen to go try a pair on? They have stores in Seapoint, Cavendish and the Waterfront.

To order online (for those not living in Cape Town), or find out more about the leggings, visit their site


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  • Reply Mariska Goussard November 28, 2017 at 7:55 am

    Oh my goodness, these leggings look AMAZING!!!! I fully agree with you: rather fork out a little bit more and get a decent pair of leggings instead of, as you mentioned, buying a new inexpensive pair every two months. It adds up pretty quickly. I am definitely going to spoil myself with a pair as well!

    • Reply Shante Hutton November 28, 2017 at 11:39 am

      It’s like good jeans, I do pay more because I know they will hold their shape – and now that I live in leggings more, it makes sense to invest in them

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