Being a responsible adult…and other funny stories

Ah, the good old days of having to worry about homework, what’s showing at the cinema, when you’ll get your pocket money in time, and if your mum or guardian had cooked your favorite dinner…I miss those days. The freedom. The lack of responsibility.
The end of the year is closing fast and I feel like I’m in a downhill spiral of trying to maintain a vague level of coolness, whilst meeting deadlines and planning festive activities…oh, and doing all the adult things that no one taught you about in high school.

I’d gladly have given up physics lessons to learn how to adult properly, and the many tests of being a responsible adult, such as….

Raising children

This is obviously the biggest adult responsibility I’m facing right now. Adult life is a total balancing act and if you ever stop to look down, you’ll be freaked out by how much you actually manage to juggle. In my teens, I thought that having to study for more than one exam was stressful, but right now I’d be glad for the opportunity to just have my world focused on one thing. How do people with more than one kid do it?!

Grocery Shopping

Man, I miss the days of coming home from school, raiding the kitchen cupboards and complaining to my mum that the large assortment of biscuits, fruit and yogurt meant that there was “nothing to eat”. Young me was such a jerk.

Now, I’m trying to plan my meals more efficiently (like fellow bloggers Making Mountains and Caffeine & Fairydust, who have weekly meal plans), making sure I’m not wasting produce by not using it in time.

I am very tempted to make use of Woolie’s delivery service but I’m waiting to hear more concrete positives for it….anyone have any experience with them?

Bringing home the bacon

If only it was as easy as finding a pig and happily escorting it back to your house. Having a job, whether you’re your own boss or work for a company, is never how they described it – they forgot to mention the long hours involved and the “interesting” people you encounter.
I have a vague recollection of being told in primary school that I could be anything if I only wanted it hard enough…well, I really, REALLY want a house in England, and my own kid’s clothing range but that has yet to materialize.

Getting sick

Since stopping breastfeeding my immune system is an absolute joke – If there are any medical professionals reading this, perhaps you can shed light on this – I am constantly getting colds, as is Rosie. We spend a small fortune at our very nice doctor and I just wish I could run to my mum and tell her I’m poorly, and have her call my boss (which is me) and tell her I’m not functioning as an adult today.

Buying a car

I really like leaving certain things in my life to Mr H and NO, this doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist (a word which people are deeply misusing of late), I just literally have no brain capacity for them…such as the logistics of getting a car. Just before we had Rosie, we sold our cars to get two new ones that would work well for our new family life.

With business expanding (our family hopefully growing), and Mr H spending time doing trips cross-country to see clients, we’re thinking of upgrading to something a little bigger which would mean trading either mine or Mr H’s car in….I desperately want to keep mine because it has parking assist and I have zero recollection of actually knowing how to parallel park. Anyway, we’re in the beginning stages of looking, and every time we think of going to a car dealership to talk with them, it’s like having a million mosquitoes buzzing around your head, they all want blood. We just want a simple way to evaluate what we could get, with no obligation.

So we chose to do a quick comparison on Carzar. We used their “sell my car” feature, put in the make, model and mileage and after quickly inputting my email address and details, I had two quotes in a matter of seconds. To take it even further, I could even book a free inspection. How very grownup!

By providing the highest possible value for your second-hand car in just 48-hours, it’s a no brainer for us….and a nice way to adult with ease.

So, what’s your biggest adulting mission?


This article was sponsored by Carzar…but my adulting woes are my own

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  • Reply Celeste Booysen November 22, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Great post. Lol, I just left the whole car registration/licensing deal to Mr B too. I seriously have no brain capacity for that either.

    • Reply Shante Hutton November 22, 2017 at 11:20 am

      There are just some things I cannot do….or don’t want to do. Hehehe

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