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What you need for festive drinking

Hi I’m Shante and I love a good bit of festive drinking.

You should know this about me already if you’ve been following me for some time but if this is your first time on the blog (what took you so long?) it’s nice to meet you and I hope I can help you choose some lekker drinks for the festive season with my list of what I’ve stocked up on.

It’s not that I need an excuse to have a lovely glass of something, but I do feel like this time of the year calls for both something special ($$$) and something to buy in bulk ($) so with that in mind, this is what I’m going to be sipping/gulping over the holidays:

Celebrate with Bubbles

I know that 2016 has been a difficult year for many, but for us, it’s been a year of awesome changes and we want to celebrate that with beautiful bubbly.
Graham Beck, situated in Robertson, has been making breathtaking MCC for years and Pieter ‘Bubbles’ Ferreira is part Unicorn because every bottle he lets his hands touch, rainbows inevitably erupt from them. The Graham Beck Blanc de Blanc 2011 (all Chardonnay) is creamy, rich, brimming with biscoti flavors and all-consuming. You won’t find it easy to drink anything else after this as the finish is so long. R240

De Grendel Brut 2014, compared to the above, is a lot lighter but no-less pleasing. Displaying ripe citrus notes, it’s carries its fruit wrapped in light cream and therefore is wonderful to pair with food. It has a lovely biscuit nose and a touch of apple on the finish – a great bubbly to drink in abundance. R170

If not, wine not…

If you’re not an avid drinker of South African Chenin Blanc then you have been seriously missing out. Chenin is such an accommodating grape; it can be made into practically any style of wine and if you’re ever in a situation where you need a wine but you’re completely unsure, Chenin (98% of the time) will not left you down no matter what the price tag is.

From R30-R300, Chenin Blanc opens her legs for anyone and for one that requires you to spend some moolah, Beaumont Hope Marguerite 2015 does not disappoint with its apricot, peach notes and gentle citrus flavors. R250

If you’re not so keen on the above price-tag, I’m particularly taken with Mullineux Kloof Street Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2016; full of that ripe Bartlett pear flavor, I love that though it has a lovely weight to it, it’s perfectly balanced and offers that much needed fresh acidity in the heat of the day. R75

Seeing as this is my list, I’m leaving out red wines this time around (when it’s super hot, I can’t get enough of whites), but if you need suggestions, give me a shout and I’ll share my current loves…I might even pop over with a bottle…who knows

Get into the spirit of things

Obviously, as a Brit, my festive drinking would not be complete without a classic Gin & Tonic. South Africa is producing so many high-quality gins, the choice is HUGE. No one gin is the same and distillers have created unusual and quintessentially South African Gins with some lush Rooibos infusions. My current favorite is New Harbour Distillary’s Rooibos infused gin with its touch of citrus and sweet nose. R429

For a spirit that is cheaper but by no means enjoyable, opt for AA Badenhorst Family Wines Caperitif which is a  Chenin Blanc fortified with spirits, gently sweetened by grapes, bittered by Quinchona bark and flavoured with 35 truly Cape ingredients such as fynbos, kalmoes and naartjies. R199

Let’s get a bit crafty

If you’re going to celebrate with beer this season, please make it something worthwhile, something with heart – if you pick up an Innis & Gunn, I’ma suckerpunch you (that’s a whole new blog post coming).
If you’ve got the cash, you need to be spending it on the Honingklip Apricot Lambic – it’s beer that is aged in Chardonnay wine barrels (old ones)…and obviously, there are apricots involved. It’s voluptuous and delicious and a must-have! R120

For a session beer, try Woodstock Brewery’s IPA Californicator – very fruity, clean, with a lingering finish. R32

Whatever you drink this festive season, please be safe and responsible with your choices.
Don’t drink and drive – perhaps think about adding a first trimester pregnant chic to your friendship circle and make them the designated driver…?

Prices are from leading supermarkets (Makro & PnP) and yuppiechef

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