A tale of two Christmases

I have my Christmas plans all sorted – finally – I’ll be buying my gammon this weekend for Christmas dinner, spraying some pine-cones with silver glitter for table decorations and wrapping up my secret santas…so I probably shouldn’t be longingly looking for cheap flights to London but I can’t help but miss the customs I’m used to over in the UK.

What’s so different about Christmas in the U.K?

Well firstly, the temperature; when I Facetime with my folks, they are all wearing jumpers of the knitted variety and it’s usually always dark outside. In Cape Town, I’m wearing shorts and a vest and gulping down chilled wine. But a cold Christmas is such a lovely one with the candles lighting up the darkness, mulled wine filling the house with sweet scents and all the Christmas TV Specials that make leaving the house futile.

Of course, I love eating a ridiculous amount of ice cream, waking up to daylight in South Africa and not worrying about being cold, ever.

There’s a whole lot of differences and together with Travelstart, I got to reminisce about the festive season by doing a little filming at the Waterfront and comparing the differences between Christmas in South Africa and in the U.K; how I’ve had to adapt to bikinis by the pool rather than sledging in the snow which South African born, UK Blogger, Jesse Scott Brown explains in the below video and it is as awesome as it sounds.

The main message though is that despite the differences, I’m so happy to be here in Cape Town because this is where my daughter is (it’s her first Christmas) and my Mr H are and that’s what really matters.

So have a watch (how nice is my top, it’s from Old Khaki) and I would absolutely love to hear what your favorite thing is about the festive season.

You can read the full Travelstart post here too.

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