Reasons why a Labrador is Top Dog

I am the custodian of three Labradors. Yes, three. And aside from the aching need Mr H has for a Bernese Mountain Dog, we couldn’t be more chuffed with our choice of canine companions.

Mia is the oldest, the wisest and the Queen. She’s 6 years old and had the best up bringing ever by Mr H so she’s a wonderful mix of entitlement but utter obedience to those she loves.

Mia Labrador

Bonnie and Hunter are her children. I strongly believe that the meaning of names has a profound affect on the personality of those it is ascribed to. Bonnie is the happiest, craziest pooch around and loves nothing more than cuddles. Hunter likes to catch birds and eat them in front of you. It’s delightful.

Cream Labrador

Brindle Labrador

Whilst, for the hair factor, I might have liked Retrievers, these beasties are super cool.

Please note that I strongly advocate giving homes to the number of strays that SA has – just before someone gives me a speech about breeding issues etc.

Here’s why Labradors are awesome:

They will eat anything. Got some food that’s close to being unedible? Not for a Labrador. They particularly love leftover stock and chicken skin. Took extra pasta? Just turn your back for a second and it will be gone from your plate. Magic!

They will play fetch till their legs give out. That sounds a little dramatic, and I don’t push my dogs to exhaustion, but I can attest to their non-stop fetching abilities.

They will play fetch with ANYTHING. Thinking of casually picking something up and throwing it away, a Labrador will test whether you actually meant to throw it away by bringing it back to you.

They love cuddles. When it’s a particularly hot day and you can’t fathom the thought of putting clothes on, a Labrador will feel your pain and allow you to wear them by nuzzling close to you at every given moment. Fancy a lie down outside and need something hot and panting beside you? A Labrador will happily answer that call.

They love swimming. No human in the world knows how to swim. Labradors realize this and if you fancy testing your mortality and getting in a swimming pool, prepare to be rescued…and by rescued, I mean scratched and bitten at. It’s affectionate really.

They make excellent guard dogs. A black dog is a scary site to see, especially when its heckles are raised and its menacingly barking at you. Of course, if you actually enjoy receiving your mail, you might want to get a letter box.

Plus, they have such soulful faces and really love posing for the camera. They really are a perfect family, couple, single person companion.


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