Pulse Dermatology & Laser Review

I got myself a gentle facial peel to uplift my mom face and I LOVED IT!

Finally, Januworry is over and what felt like the longest month of the year, has been replaced by the shortest month. If January was unkind – and by unkind, I mean, it was stressful – why not think about tucking a bit of pay day’s cash into giving yourself a little treatment? I mean, February is the month of love, and you deserve it!

Last year, just in time for the Christmas Holidays, I was asked to visit Pulse Dermatology & Laser and experience a Med Facial (a face peel to you and I) to give my skin a little added lift…great timing because frankly, with two kids on my hands, I could physically feel the tiredness setting up shop under my eyes. Where once there were laughter lines, I was starting to be left with permanent train tracks.

Pulse Dermatology & Laser, located in Durbanville, Cape Town, is run by Amy Bowie:

She trained in London and worked alongside world renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Her client list included the rich and famous A-listers of the world.

Featured regularly in the press, Amy became a pioneer in the industry,going on to lead and train teams of medical therapists at E.F. Medispa – the top clinic chain in the United Kingdom – where she also lead the team to receive the UK’s Gold Standard Aesthetics Award in 2011.

I’m delighted she decided to come back home to Cape Town and set up her own business which excels in offering ahead-of-the-curve treatments for all needs in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

What were my thoughts before?

The word peel makes me think of an abrasive, harsh treatment which would leave me looking red and blotchy and honestly, I was incredibly apprehensive. However, before anything happened, Amy chatted through the potential procedure and we spoke about my current skin care range and what I would really like to see happen for my skin, as well as what I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. My main problem area is dryness and big pores so the process and products used reflected that.

For instance, one of the key ingredients used was lactic acid….why do you think Cleopatra bathed in milk? Because lactic acid helps reduce redness and the appearance of wrinkles. I think I’m going to add “herd of cattle” to my Christmas wish list.

As I’m currently breastfeeding, the treatment was a lot more gentle, rather a no-peel peel, if that makes sense. Amy, with her equipment and magnifying mirrors (don’t ever look through one of those folks, you’ll see everything), could see the peel happening, whilst I would just be able to see the radiant after-effects.

Lying on the salon bed, I looked like an extra from the Handmaid’s Tale…I had to make sure my va-jay-jay was still intact when I left.

Before the peel, she sanitized my skin, then the peel was applied. It felt a little bit itchy, but nothing too intense. You can keep it on for up to 1o minutes but because it was my first time, we did just 2 minutes so that I could potentially build-up to it.

Removing it with light sponges, Amy then sprayed an alkaline agent over my skin to bring the PH level of my skin back up to normal and there was a bit of heat as the acid from the peel was neutralized. Then goggles were applied and I was put under the LED light with a mixture of red and amber light to rejuvenate my skin and act as an anti-inflammatory. Whilst it was happening, I got a 20 minute foot massage and I almost melted.

What were my thoughts after, did it work?

Here’s the thing, I honestly wouldn’t be sharing if it did nothing for me. Sure, the 20 minute foot massage you receive during your treatment is excellent and would be enough to make me take out an advert in the paper, but the real proof was in the dewy, bright skin that I got to walk around with after I left Pulse.

You can see a difference right? I mean, look at that photo below (untouched) and the ones above where you can see redness.

What did I take away from the treatment?

Aside from a glowy exterior, I learnt a lot more about my skin, about what can be changed or reduced. For example, my redness is light rosacea, which might not fully go away, but can be reduced.

50% of the patients that step through the doors are men. This is brilliant for breaking-down the stigma that skin and body care is just for women.

Nothing was done to my skin that made me feel uncomfortable. I was talked through the procedure before and I felt far more valued expressing where my problem areas where and having them adjust accordingly, than having someone try and make me fit into their treatment.

If you’re looking for treatments, be it laser hair-removal, facials, botox or even skin tightening, I would 10/10 recommend Amy and her team.

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