My favorite photos of 2016

What a crazy, amazing, emotional year it’s been.
With my camera and my phone, I’ve been able to capture the moments that have really impacted me and here are my top pics of 2016.

“Hello World!”
From two to three. On the 3rd May, our world became brighter, lovelier and fuller with the birth of our daughter. This is her asleep after her first feed and it was the most surreal moment ever. It took me a good few weeks to stop pinching myself.

“You can do it!”
Prior to the above photo, this was taken on the 26th April, on Rosie’s due date and I was BEYOND it. I hadn’t slept since the beginning of April due to my skin and I wanted nothing more than to be over this entire pregnancy ordeal. Yet when I look at this pic, I am reminded of what the human body can withstand and the absolute wonder of creating life.
And yes, I’m wearing crocs because PREGNANT.

A mother’s love
For my birthday, Mr H surprised me with a weekend away with our close friends. This was our first time away with Rosie and also this photo is the first “proper” one of my daughter and I as Mr H got used to using the camera. I can’t believe how small she is here in my hands.

Rosie was dedicated in October and I just had to take some photos of her in her little white dedication dress. This is a typical Rosie face – and I know many Mums will say that they have a happy, chilled baby and I’m no different – Rosie really is a star.

Happy Birthday
Other than having Rosie meet all her family, our trip to the UK this year was particularly special because we celebrated my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. I love this photo because of the fact that he’s filming his own birthday and it makes me chuckle. It’s a typical Grandpa move.

The generation game
If Rosie is half as strong as her Grannie and her Great Grannie (GG) then the world had better take note. I owe so much to these women.

“Greetings from Middle Earth”
This was taken at Lake Buttermere in the Lake District and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world. I was so glad that I could finally take Mr H there…and Rosie…and we’re determined to go back and explore more.

A year between
In 2015 I walked the walls of Chester city with Mr H and in 2016, I did the same walk with Rosie. What a difference a year can make to one’s heart and life.

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