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I know, I know. I’ve been so lax with writing that you’re probably wondering what the point is of me even having a blog.
In between juggling Rosie, doing photo shoots, designing and writing copy for clients, I’ve sadly pushed aside my blog and I’m so sorry. I truly am. Which is why I’m offering up an apology present in the way of some inspiring blogs that I think you’ll enjoy and that will satisfy your reading needs until I have successfully managed to clone myself.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a true Rose & Thorns post if I didn’t put a little twist in there which is why I’m giving you my favorite bloggers and their blogs…described as wines. Because wine makes most things irresistible.

Happy reading lovelies!

Cindy Alfino: 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 old house

Chenin is known as the darling of the vineyards because she really is so accommodating; she constantly gives and never expects anything in return. Much of the time she’s propping up other blends and spearing them on to greatness yet when she’s alone and giving you her soul, you had better sit up and listen.
Cindy blogs EVERY DAY. I sometimes forget to brush my teeth everyday.
She shares her triumphant family moments as well as the painful and difficult times. She lifts my spirits on a regular basis and if you’re a parent, you’ll probably identify with 99.9% of everything she ever writes.

Read her blog here

Lydia Afonso: Green Lydia

Lydia and I met when I was still working in the wine industry and she unleashed a new love of wine photography that I’m ever so grateful for.
She calls herself the average traveler but there is nothing average about her or the Riesling she embodies. She travels because it’s her oxygen and being on the road constantly gives her the aroma of open road, freedom and diesel. She’s forever finding new spots, new activities and adventures that she loves sharing and she’s zesty and fiesty to boot and blossoms under stress (I’ve seen it, it’s true).
I would say that her biggest adventure to date has been her amazingly brave journey as a kidney donor for a friend. This girl is just brilliant.
If you like to explore, do it with her.

Read her blog here

Maz Halliday: Caffeine & Fairydust

Aside from having a name like a 1920’s film star, Maz is my Pinotage. If you mistreat her or something she is passionate about, you’re going to meet with inky depths of tar and smoke that will knock you for six.
Don’t mess with her.
She can’t help but be honest about life and that’s why she has so many readers because we love her rawness. Likewise, when you posts about her dreams and loves, you’re going to be enveloped in sweet purple plums, licorice and rooibos.

She’s basically one lovely sweet and sour raspberry.

Read her blog here

Anja van der Spuy: Glitz & Grammar

I used to think I was God’s gift to the sarcastic comedic community…then I started following Anja on Twitter and I crushed hard. I find myself often wondering where she stores all her wit…is she in fact a robot? No, she’s a bottle of Grenache.
If you meet her, you might mistakenly think that she’s just full of candied fruit. You would be so wrong. Grenache, like Anja, is the toughest grape in the world. Her blog focuses on fashion, life and travel and does so with such wit and spice that she manages to be one of those writers who can appeal to both men and women. Her red carpet rants are fierce!
In conclusion, a high-alcohol Grenache can help reduce the burn of spicy food.
Translation, a smile from Anja can help reduce the burn of her rants.

Read her blog here

Got any others that you love and that should be turned into wine?

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