Cravings Vs. CRAVINGS!

Your taste buds change severely when you’re pregnant, unless you’re one of those amazingly annoying chicks who swans through pregnancy as if she’s casually holding a small cantaloupe that has magical abilities to bestow the carrier with an angelic-like glow. I am not that person. On an hourly basis, the list of foods that I can stomach will change and if want to eat anything for dinner, I have to think about it for at least 2 hours beforehand to truly test whether I still want it. It’s a mission and currently theses are the goodies that I want to eat:

  1. Mum’s home cooking. Sunday roasts. Bangers and Mash. Hearty Stews. Apple Crumble. Everything that’s warming and memory-inducing is at the top of my list. Maybe it’s because I’m missing my Mum like crazy.
  2. Sainsbury’s Strawberry pencils with fondant filling. 3 bags for a pound, what a bargain and by far the nicest sweets in the world. My Dad has strict instructions to fill his hand luggage with them.
  3. Orange Juice. The real stuff though, not the crummy 100% fruit juices from concentrate that is mostly grape and apple. I want the bits.
  4. Watermelon. It’s coming into season but I refuse to pay R60 for one. I only really trust the Woolies ones too because they have more pink than white. Totally colour-biased.
  5. Canned Tuna. According to doctors, you can only have one can a week but it’s not enough to satisfy my need for this canned goodness. Tuna pasta. Tuna on toast. Tuna with cheese. Just tuna.
  6. Green Tea. There is something wonderfully palate cleansing about green tea but I have had to adjust to the decaf version as I’m worried about the whole “caffeine can be bad for your baby”  things.

Things that turn me off currently are: Salmon, actually fish in general, braais, mushrooms, spinach, bras, red wine, cabbage.

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