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5 Reasons To Love Waterkloof

1) They are celebrating 10 years of wine making and they are a certified bio-dynamic wine farm which means that they work to create a diverse, balanced ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself. Everything has a purpose and there is a continual circle of life with everything giving to each other that makes this such an exciting winery.


2) They plough their fields using Draft horses. No nasty tractors, carbon emissions or noisey machine. Just the slow methodical plod of nature’s finest. Isn’t he a beauty!



3) This is the view from their cellar…so you can imagine the view from the tasting and restaurant which is above it. Sit for a wine tasting and for R40 you can pair wines with the best cheddar in SA, Healeys Cheddar. It’s super yum.


4) Their restaurant has some wickedly delicious food thanks to French chef Gregory Czarnecki and he’s forever pushing himself, concocting fabulously intricate and inspired dishes. He’s all for local and in season produce and when I was there last, there was a suspicious lack of rabbits…”Oh they became chef’s terrine”. Lovely. And it really was. Sorry bunny.


5) They make an incredibly good Cinsaut which I was previously adverse to (must have been the company I was with) because tasting it this week, I have promptly ordered a case and will be very loathe to share it….sorry Mr H.
This wine has peppery, savory notes with aromas of fynbos, wild mornings and moments when the wind catches your hair.


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