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I’m currently drinking: Bizoe Wines

Derived from the French word Bisous – meaning little kiss – the Bizoe boutique wines will offer just that, something that you just can’t forget.

A good glass of wine can cure a lot of ailments and after nightmarish month of June in which Rosie was ill pretty much the entire 30 days, I’ve really needed some good vino to keep me going.

I often get asked what wines I’m drinking at the moment and recently the temptation has been to rush up to my local bottle store in the evening (or send Mr H) and not expand my wine horizons. But I love knowing the stories behind my wine, knowing where it comes from and supporting an estate that inspires me…and sharing that with friends, family and of course, Rose & Thorn readers.

Bizoe Wines is the creation of vintner Rikus Neethling, who used to work at Mountain Ridge Co-op. He’s as hands-on as they come and perhaps a little anal when it comes to choosing his grapes – but what good winemaker isn’t?  In a tiny cellar space on Croydon Vineyard Wine Estate in Somerset West, Rikus brings together grapes from all over the WC to create very limited quantities of four exceptional wines, three of which I have become very attached to.

The Henrietta 2014 R200

A blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, this delicious specimen offers orange peel and fresh tropical fruit and a delicate aftertaste derived from maturation in oak barrels for seven months. If you’re a fan of white wines that, whilst crisp, don’t slap you in the race with racy acidity, then this is the blend for you. It’s soft on the finish, and beautifully balanced. Perhaps you wouldn’t think it’s a winter wine, but paired with any white fish in a white wine, garlic and butter sauce, and you’re onto a winner.

The Estalet R205

This Shiraz is fruity and rich, brimming with sweet red fruit and finishing with a somewhat smokey, spicy aftertaste. A limited edition with only 4500 bottles produced, buy a case and set some aside for aging…if you have the willpower of the gods.

My favorite food to eat with Shiraz is roast pork tenderloins with a cranberry sauce or a sticky plum sauce – a touch of sweetness and Shiraz are such good bedfellows and you’ll really love how deeply juicy and rewarding this red is.

The Idioglossia R215

A funny name for a very seriously delicious Chardonnay that exhibits citrus notes that are rounded out by smooth, lightly buttered tones. Don’t serve too cold, and do try and pour it into a large glass so that you can get that full aroma of citrus, lime and orange blossoms when you shove your face in the glass. I strongly believe that Chardonnay is seasonally universal so you’ll often find me drinking it in winter; pair the Idioglossia with Eggs Benedict slathered in hollandaise sauce…it’s the perfect brunch wine!

Keen to buy and try? Check out their website


Disclaimer: I was sent these three bottles for review purpose but all views and images are my own

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  • Reply Abby August 17, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Never heard of them before but the Shiraz sounds superb!

    • Reply Rodney Sikumba September 30, 2018 at 6:14 pm

      The Bizoe Estalet is the best Shiraz i have taken thus far. Pairs well with a rare Rib Eye Steak.

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