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Laborie – Summer Just Got Awesome

I’m a woman of many needs – I need good food. I need good wine. I need a soft bed. I need all of these three things in the same place. Laborie in Paarl meets my needs and then adds in awesome staff like a craft beer bar, live music and killer views. It sorts you out one time.

Invited to stay over at the winery to enjoy the full Laborie experience, I took fellow blogger Amy Brown (from Tea With Mrs Bee) and spent the night; a girly Friday retreat away from the men folk.

Before we even got to our rooms, we started our weekend with a bubbly tasting and I have always been a fan of the Laborie Blanc de Blanc which is an award-winner and made completely of Chardonnay grapes so it has yummy yeasty/brioche notes. The other two bubblies on the list were the Brut and the Brut rose. I think all days should begin with bubbles, it’s such a great mood booster.

Lunchtime beckoned and we headed to Harvest, Laborie’s main restaurant that has a deck underneath sweeping oak trees. To soak up some of the bubbles, we both ordered a starter and a main.

Tempura Prawns and Avocado - delicious

Tempura Prawns and Avocado – delicious


Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio


Feeling ridiculously full, we decided that lazing by the pool was the only viable option. We checked into our room and donned our bikinis (a considerable amount of sucking in one’s stomach was required after so much food).


The rooms are classic, elegant and understated and well stocked with wine. I judge a room by a) how many plug points it has, b) how good the shower is c) how comfy the beds and bedding is – I was not disappointed at all.


The sun began to creep away and we started to feel peckish again. This time we went to eat at Taste, the new Tapas restaurant on the terrace, just off of Laborie’s tasting room. It’s a fairly new renovation and has already become a firm favourite for locals. Every Friday they have live music and I adore picking a large amount of different items of a menu to share (or not to, I like my food).


Tempura Hake - absolutely divine

Tempura Hake – absolutely divine

Chorizo and calamari

Chorizo and calamari

After dinner drinks happened at Bar di Bar – the new craft beer spot which oozes cool. Mr H is an avid craft beer drinker (and brewer) and so Laborie works for us both and I get my bubbly and he gets his brew, bru.


After so much food and wine, we staggered to our beds and collapsed into happy oblivion.
I’m planning to head back before Summer is over and treat the hubby – you could say that I am now obsessed with Laborie.

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