20 things to do before trying for a baby

Hello baby bump and hello 5 months of carrying Skipper. There is definitely a considerable difference in tummy circumference (though one could say that it just looks like I’ve just eaten a generous meal plus dessert). Week 14 definitely looks like it did some damage. Now on week 20, it’s definitely a bump and she’s a very active one, a little kicking machine. She also loves sitting on my bladder because it’s obviously wonderfully warm and everyone just loves rushing to the toilet every 20 minutes.

There are a lot of things that you can’t fathom before you’re pregnant; You can watch “What to expect when you’re expecting”, read up about the symptoms but it’s really not the same as experiencing it for yourself and every single pregnancy is different. I’m now in a really awesome place of only having to go to the bathroom 6 times in the night and my energy levels are okay. My skin is pretty awesome too. And my hair feels like a Lion’s mane.

For all of you who have come down with a bad case of broodinitus, and even for those who already know what pregnancy and babies can do to a person, here are my 20 things to do before trying for a baby

  1. Get in shape. Healthy mum = healthy baby. Get yourself into your perfect shape now because believe me, a baby is going to change all of that and between the hot flushes and energy lows, exercising will be a real struggle. Plus, you’ll have to modify your workouts for the bump, breasts (chaturanga all the way to the floor is a no) and constant bathroom breaks.
  2. Eat everything you love and try not to moderate. This might contradict the above but cheat days are the best days.
  3. Go on holiday
  4. Sleep-in
  5. Watch a birthing video
  6. Buy sexy underwear
  7. Admire your toes. Admire your legs. Shave your legs in the shower by balancing on each leg and don’t hold on to anything
  8. Go hiking
  9. Sit at your desk for 8 hours straight and realize that it is uncomfortable but bearable
  10. Jump up and down with excitement
  11. Go to Kyoto Sushi
  12. Walk past nappies and laugh at the prices
  13. Hold a wee in
  14. Judge other parents
  15. Test drive a few sports car
  16. Play Twister
  17. Go on a coffee crawl around your city
  18. Get close to your partner.
  19. Make friends with people who have money and like buying gifts
  20. Take Folic Acid. Start a year before if you can.

20.b Don’t tell anyone (unless you’re really, really close to them) that you are trying.

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