Why I love lifestyle photography

In case you didn’t know already, I love taking photos

My Dad loves capturing moments and I grew up with a camera in my face – sometimes a little too often and I swore that I would never want to take photos…*side eyes* I guess it’s in my genes because at 15 I got an itch to have a camera (sure, it was a rubbish little point and snap) which grew into a full blown craving for a proper camera and some willing models. Thanks Dad for passing on the love.

I’m obviously not as established as I’d like to be but it’s getting there – Rome, so I’m told, was not built in a day – and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy sitting down after a photo shoot and editing.

I’m particularly fond of lifestyle shoots.
Why? Because they are so natural. So honest. So real. They tell stories. I think they bring out the best in families. I think they bring out the best in me.

But what are Lifestyle Shoots?
They tend to happen at home (or at least that’s what I offer) and they involve me taking photos of families and individuals doing normal day-to-day activities or posing in a way that is genuine and real. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be any activities and I am simply getting shots around the house. It’s unobtrusive and gentle.

There is just something so magical about capturing a child with their parents in a space that is natural to them so that they don’t have to feel nervous. Kids often love showing me their bedrooms and the special areas in their house, and it makes for the best photos.

In case you’re still not too sure what it involves, in true Blue Peter style (does everyone get that reference?) here’s one I did earlier…



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