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Stirfood – a glorious showcase of foods of the sea

STIR food’s style and approach is rooted in their collective restaurant and fine dining experience, and the corresponding quality of this trade. As such STIR food has raised the standard within the catering industry, and their bespoke service is considered to be unparalleled in the field.

The Aleit Group, founded in 2002 by Aleit Swanepoel, are beyond professional and their weddings and events are immaculately organized and always wow the clients. They are a multi-faceted company and my husband is currently going crazy over their craft brewery, Abru, at Lourensford.

To celebrate a new year and the wonderful work of their catering company Stir Food, they planned and executed perfectly, an afternoon/evening of foraged seafood at a luxury location in Bakoven.

I was a little apprehensive about attending because with being pregnant, I really hate having to give a long list of things I can’t eat and with it being seafood, I knew I was going to struggle. My fears were squashed immediately and I was told that under no circumstance was I to feel like an imposition and if I had any cravings, I could let them know. I felt like royalty. The event proceeded to be glorious

Chef Gustaaf Bushoff is their head chef and is incredibly talented and down to earth. His ingredients couldn’t get any fresher – the majority of them were foraged by him and his daughter a few days before the event. The plating and design of each dish fitted the location and all the elements were thoughtfully combined and delicately treated.

They really deserve all the praise they receive and my one criticism would be that I would have loved to have seen wines from the Hermanus & coastal regions which would have fitted in with the theme.

Stir food event

stir food 3
stir food 2


Do you know what else was fabulous about this event, they paid for Ubers for all guests, now that’s what I call responsible.

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