8 South African Photographers you should follow

When I first began my journey in photography there was no one really around that I could connect with to talk about my growing passion. It was just me and my incredibly supportive husband (I mean, do I even need more!?)

I had a few accounts that I was following on Facebook for inspiration, but there wasn’t much of a community feel.

It was only through putting myself out there on my blog and Instagram, through a styled shoot with a fellow creative, that I began to feel a sense of “belonging”, of being able to step into a space that only I could fill.

I now feel, largely through Instagram, connected.

I am inspired. I am seen.

If there is competition, it’s a healthy internal push to continue to grow, to be at the top of our personal game.

There are absolutely days in which I am my worst enemy, prone to comparison, to criticize my work – imposter syndrome never truly goes away. But the community strength and support is nourishment to the soul.

I want to repay some of that back by sharing with you some photographers whose work inspires me; whose friendship has meant so much; whose gifts must be shouted about.

Here’s a list of my favorite South African photographers, why I love their work and why you should too:

Grand Little Adventure

There are not many people I would trust with my own family photos but Tabs knows exactly how to capture the personality and movement of my tribe.

Her eye is trained on storytelling – seeing the intricate parts that make up the family whole –  and she makes timeless a myriad of moments that we often overlook.

Follow her work here >>

Sophie Smith Families

Viewing Sophie’s work feels like a special privilige, as though I am being given access into someone’s most treasured moments of life.

I find myself holding my breath, as though the slightest stirring may disturb the tranquil beauty of her images.

Follow her work here >>

Tamaryn Lee Photography

There’s such a lot of joy and focus on features and expressions with Tamaryn’s imagery. She is one of the kindest and supportive photographers in the industry and for her shoots, she always sources the best locations to suit her client’s needs.

Follow her work here >>

Kusjka Duplessis

On another level, Kusjka marries the stillness of shadows and the promise of light, setting them immortal in images.

Her wedding photography is exceptional – a creative journal of the gravity of hearts.

Follow her work here >>

Serafini Photography

Where there is mystery – a doorway into magic –  there is Alex; often found moving around the fading light of dusk to bring a touch of ethereal beauty to family moments.

Follow her work here >>

Le famished cat

Ever wanted to eat an image?

Cat (Cat Snack, Ketty, Catnip, Cattles – as I like to call her) is an incredibly talented Foodtographer with a heart of gold. She creates, styles and photographs dishes that look amazing, with colours and textures abounding and with props she sources and sells in her prop shop.

Follow her work here >>

Lizelle Krige

Her images are romantic and dreamy, with a timeless whimsy that makes each shoot breathtaking.

I adore the colours she uses, and the crispness of her photos.

Follow her work here >>

Aglow Photography

One of the first accounts that I ever followed, Celeste’s photos are passionate and dramatic, and she always seems to capture a powerful mix of emotion, beauty and art in her work.

Follow her work here >>

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